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The revolutionary new DIY Professional Lash Lift Kit is your ultimate solution to creating luscious lashes that are both lengthened and curled to perfection.

No more expensive extensions or daily mascara and curling routine. With this innovative kit, you can achieve salon-quality results from the comfort of your own home.

Our simple lifting process takes only a few minutes to complete and is suitable for all lash types and lengths.

Say goodbye to those stubborn straight lashes and hello to beautifully lifted natural lashes for up to 2 months!

Our formula is 100% natural and cruelty-free, making it the perfect choice for ethical and eco-conscious consumers.

Our hassle and maintenance-free kit is water and mascara-friendly, making your morning routine faster than ever.

Don’t settle for mediocre lashes any longer. Trust our Professional DIY  Lash Lift Kit to keep your lashes looking long and curled for a stunning 8 weeks! Join the revolution and experience the beauty of effortlessly perfect lashes today!


What’s inside the Kit:

Lift lotion
Fix lotion
Nourish lotion
Lift Pads (5 Sizes)
Eyelash Wands
Lash Comb
Eyelash Serum


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Each application lasts up to 2 months.



Wake up with perfectly curled lashes every morning.



Forget your expensive trips to the salon.



Easy process takes just a few minutes.



Swim, smudge and mascara friendly.



Lift and forget, completely maintenance-free.


Can we all agree that lashes can be really frustrating?

No matter how much mascara you apply or how many false lashes you try, you can’t seem to achieve the fullness and volume you crave.

With our lash lift kit, you can finally achieve the lash look you desire without the hassle of extensions or falsies. 


The procedure won’t take more than 30 minutes of your time!

Let us blow your mind with this beauty tip: did you know that a single application of our Kit can last up to a whopping 60 days?

And that’s not all! Each Kit can be used on average for 5-6 applications, which means you’ll save big bucks on your beauty budget!

Don’t settle for products that burn a hole in your wallet when you can get long-lasting results with our incredible Lash Lift solution.

Our Lash Lift Kit uses a gentle perming solution to add semi-permanent length and volume to your beautiful lashes.


Say goodbye to feeling self-conscious and hello to lifted, voluminous lashes that enhance your natural beauty.

Achieve the perfect lash look without breaking the bank.

No more struggles with mascara clumps or smudges and time-consuming beauty routines.

Our lash lift kit is the perfect addition to your beauty arsenal, providing a natural and subtle enhancement that complements your unique features. 

Show off your beautiful lashes with confidence and make a statement wherever you go.


Join the growing number of women who have already discovered the transformative power of our products.

Our advanced formula is designed to enhance your natural lashes, giving you a bold and beautiful look that will leave heads turning.

Get ready to unleash your lash potential with our Lash Lift Kit. We’re confident that you’ll be our next satisfied customer.

Don’t take our word for it – see the results for yourself!

A stunning transformation in just 30 mins

1. Choose the Right Liftpad

Start by cleansing your eyes from any makeup, so your lashes are ready for their transformation!
Choose the perfect size lash pad for your natural lashes. Remember, it’s not about the size of your eyes but the length of your lashes! If you have longer natural lashes, then go for a bigger pad size.
Apply glue to the eye pad and let it dry for a minute before applying it to your lid space.


Apply glue to the base of the pad and use a spoolie to stretch your lashes over the pad.


Start combing and isolating lashes from the inner corner of the eye, using the Y-Tool included in the kit.


It’s time to apply the perm solution! Apply it most at the root of your lashes, up to around halfway up. No need to perm the tips of your lashes!


Remove the perm lotion with a clean cotton bud without touching the tips of your lashes. Then, repeat the same process with the fix lotion.

Cover with plastic wrap and let it sit for 10 to 12 minutes. This is the perfect time to relax and unwind.



Gently remove the solution with a damp cotton round, and use a cotton bud with the cleanser solution to clean all the remaining glue from the previous steps. Make sure your lashes are completely detached from the eye pad before removing it.

Finally, apply the nutrition solution for nourished and healthy-looking lashes!


You’re sure to turn heads with your beautiful lashes!

Rember to wash your face with room-temperature water and dab it gently with tissue paper.

Take a picture of your lash lift before and after comparison. Enjoy your long lashes.



How long does the lift take?

The procedure takes less than 30 minutes! Instructions are included so you can easily do your lift at home!

How long do results last?

Your lifted lashes will last up to 2 months!

Will it work with my lashes?

Yes! Lashlift creates beautifully curled lashes, no matter if you have really short or long lashes.

Are lash lifts damaging to eyelashes?

No, lash lifts are not damaging to your eyelashes when done correctly and when the perming solution is left on for only the required amount of time. However, an excessively long perm time can result in damage to your lashes.

Can you still wear mascara with a lash lift?

The short answer is yes! No matter what type of eyelashes you have, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to use mascara to enhance the lift that’s giving your lashes life.

Who should not get a lash lift?

Aestheticians warn that Lash Lift should NOT be performed if a person has a history of eye allergies, eye infections, styes, sensitive eyes, watery eyes, or chronic dry eye.

How many times can you get a lash lift?
You can get lash lifts as often as you would like since there is no maximum number of times the procedure can be done. However, you should wait for the recommended interval of 4 weeks between each lash lift.
How to not ruin a lash lift?
Lash Lift Aftercare Tips: Avoid Moisture. As with most lash treatments, the first 24-48 hours after the procedure is the most crucial. Avoid excessive heat. Stay away from harsh products. Be careful with Make-up. Resist the temptation to rub!
Is lash lift better than lash curler?
The whole point of a lash lift is to remove the need for a eyelash curler and it gives a better curl result. But more importantly, if you do try to use an eyelash curler you run the risk of weakening and damaging your natural lashes.


57 reviews for Lash Lift Kit

  1. Eliana Cook

    I’ll start by saying I’ve never permed my eyelashes before, so this was my first try. I have very straight eyelashes—like no curl at all to them (my brother got the perfectly thick/curled ones, go figure).There are a lot of tools and liquids to this kit, which initially was intimidating but there are very clear and thorough instructions and I did end up needing all of the included items. I tend to have sensitive skin, especially around my eyes (eczema) so i did a patch test and i didn’t have any symptoms. (And I didn’t have any negative symptoms after using)The hardest part was the actual perm, because it takes 8-10 minutes to dry, and it just feels weird. I only did one eye (all the way) before i did the other eye—it would have been much faster a to do both at the same time, but i was nervous. The other steps only take 1-2 min to dry. It was honestly very straightforward and easy. It’s been 36 hours since i used the kit and I’m happy with the results so far! It says results will last up to 12 weeks!Note: it says in the instructions— do not get your lashes wet and don’t not use mascara for 24 hours. Just fyi if you’re wanting immediate results, you’ll need to be prepared for a 24 hr waiting period.

  2. Lilyana Ross

    Good product and great sellers. I would recommend

  3. Gabriella Cruz

    I’ve been using this eyelash lift kit for a while, and I’m addicted! After using it I don’t need to use mascara because my lushes looks so good. Super easy to use and last for a month!! So happy I found this!!

  4. Ruby Wright

    First time using a product like this at home. I liked how it was neatly organized and labeled. Instructions were so simple. After watching videos online, I learned that that’s really all there’s to it.The videos did give me a couple of tips to consider like making sure all eyelashes are included and making sure you use the correct size for the curl you desire.I used M2 because I didn’t want them too high. However, I feel I should have used a smaller one as it would have been a better fit to me.My lashes are naturally straight and low, so this did work, they are slightly curled.I like that there is enough material and supplies to curl them several times. Next time, I will aim at curling them more.

  5. Camila Adams

    I had never done a lash lift before, professionally or at-home, but I was able to figure this out quickly. I used the smallest silicone pad to do the curl.The first eye went smoothly, but on the second one I couldn’t get the lashes to stick to the silicone pad so I had to clean them off and retry. I got it on the second try. I didn’t do a perfect job, as I didn’t quite get the lashes on the inner corner, but it is not very noticiable.On the first photo it shows my eyes with only the right eye done. Other photos show my eyes fully done with no makeup/mascara or curling.Comes with enough supplies to do a perm 3-4 times at least. Overall, it was very easy to use and very much worth the money.

  6. Caroline Kim

    I was not expecting the results I got! My lashes have decided to go completely straight and point down over the years. I saw this kit and thought I’d give it a try and the results speak for themselves!! I will not pay for another expensive lash lift again! It’s pretty easy to use, just have to be very careful not to get the product in your eye. So happy I found this!!

  7. Audrey Hall

    This is the 2nd time I purchased lash lift . Super easy to use and last for a good while . My results look like I went to a salon!!! Definitely will but again

  8. Clara Johnson

    My 14 year old daughter convinced me to buy this kit for her and a friend. My daughter has super straight long lashes that resist curling with a normal curler, so she was super hopeful this would work. I watched a couple youtube videos (just search Lash Kit Tutorial) and got all prepped. Make sure you have timers ready, and all your tools and solutions laid out in advance. I am incredibly type A so made sure every lash was exactly where it should be before applying any solution. The results are amazing!! Her lashes are curled and have stayed curled for three weeks now! As new eyelashes have grown in, they are straight, so it’s about time for us to redo them. She typically doesn’t have sensitive skin, and could feel it making her eyelids “itchy” after the solution had been on about 8 minutes, so that’s how long we left the original solution.It was enough solution to do both girls’ eyelashes with plenty left over for touchups! Will absolutely buy again!

  9. Lucy Morris

    This lash lift kit was so incredibly easy to use that I did it while chasing around my one year-old. I did both eyes at the same time for an hour while going back-and-forth with my baby. The results are fantastic, my left eye is it has curled but the glue got sticky and it had a bit of a learning curve, next time I’ll get that full eye. I’m not sure how long it stays but so far I’m really pleased. Will definitely be buying again after I’ve used nearly a year worth that I got for this price. 💜💜💜

  10. Isabelle Campbell

    This was easier than I expected, but do a little research before actually doing it. I followed that instructions, watched videos and read comments. Just make sure to spread your lashes onto the pad the way you want it to set. I have short lashes on top of hooded eyelids and wanted this so that my eyes would look bigger and open. It works but I think I’ll have better lashes the next couple times with what I’ve learned from this first time trying it.

  11. Eleanor Baker

    It was my first try to use thit kit. The most difficult for me was to curl my lashes, they didnt want to curl on pads, but I did it and it works! I definitely will buy this kit again and recommend my friend, price worth it

  12. Faith Roberts

    Very good for price, easy to use, and fast shipping. I recommend this product but be sure you be careful because it is close to your eyes so you don’t want them to get injured. Very easy and simple to use i recommend looking up a youtube video as well.

  13. Kaitlyn Scott

    This was really easy and quick to do myself on my very short lashes. I have tons of product left over to do mine many more times and use on friends and family. I am very happy with the results. It’s currently been 2 weeks since I used the kit and my lashes are still perfectly curled. I’m absolutely amazed and so happy. Product came sealed, great price, and fast shipping. Highly recommended!

  14. Madelyn Lee

    It’s perfect! I tried it last night my lashes are lifted definitely see a great improvement way better than going to get them done highly recommend it!!

  15. Hailey Wilson

    I used to go to the salon and get a lash lift and tint but since inflation it has gotten super expensive! For less than half the cost of gong (in addition to multiple uses) this kit does the trick!! It isn’t the easiest thing to do which is why it’s best to pay someone but I think after a few tries I’ll have the hang of it. First I use the lash lift kit then I tint with another product. I tried tinting before doing the lift and it all came off after the perm lol😁Happy customer here!

  16. Kaitlyn Lee

    I had never permed my eye lashes before and I consider myself good at learning new things with cosmetics. I was very surprised with how curly my eyelashes were and they lasted a good 5-6 weeks. I read reviews before hand and ordered the kiss eye lash glue to glue the eyelashes to my eyelids and then used the lash glue it came with to glue my lashes to the pads. It was a success, just follow the instructions before starting (All of the instructions) and I also did my sister and mother in laws and got another 2 more uses out of it for myself. I will be buying this product again! Loved it!

  17. Brooklyn Smith

    Packaging and instructions were very straightforward. Product was fairly easy to use but has a learning curve. I have used this kit twice with good results from everything except the lash glue – I used my own lash glue (Duo) the second time around and had much better results. If you are sensitive to smells, the perm solution is very pungent.pic is my second try (much better results after some practice!!) no makeup or lash tint

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