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The revolutionary new DIY Professional Lash Lift Kit is your ultimate solution to creating luscious lashes that are both lengthened and curled to perfection.

No more expensive extensions or daily mascara and curling routine. With this innovative kit, you can achieve salon-quality results from the comfort of your own home.

Our simple lifting process takes only a few minutes to complete and is suitable for all lash types and lengths.

Say goodbye to those stubborn straight lashes and hello to beautifully lifted natural lashes for up to 2 months!

Our formula is 100% natural and cruelty-free, making it the perfect choice for ethical and eco-conscious consumers.

Our hassle and maintenance-free kit is water and mascara-friendly, making your morning routine faster than ever.

Don’t settle for mediocre lashes any longer. Trust our Professional DIY  Lash Lift Kit to keep your lashes looking long and curled for a stunning 8 weeks! Join the revolution and experience the beauty of effortlessly perfect lashes today!


What’s inside the Kit:

Lift lotion
Fix lotion
Nourish lotion
Lift Pads (5 Sizes)
Eyelash Wands
Lash Comb
Eyelash Serum


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Each application lasts up to 2 months.



Wake up with perfectly curled lashes every morning.



Forget your expensive trips to the salon.



Easy process takes just a few minutes.



Swim, smudge and mascara friendly.



Lift and forget, completely maintenance-free.


Can we all agree that lashes can be really frustrating?

No matter how much mascara you apply or how many false lashes you try, you can’t seem to achieve the fullness and volume you crave.

With our lash lift kit, you can finally achieve the lash look you desire without the hassle of extensions or falsies. 


The procedure won’t take more than 30 minutes of your time!

Let us blow your mind with this beauty tip: did you know that a single application of our Kit can last up to a whopping 60 days?

And that’s not all! Each Kit can be used on average for 5-6 applications, which means you’ll save big bucks on your beauty budget!

Don’t settle for products that burn a hole in your wallet when you can get long-lasting results with our incredible Lash Lift solution.

Our Lash Lift Kit uses a gentle perming solution to add semi-permanent length and volume to your beautiful lashes.


Say goodbye to feeling self-conscious and hello to lifted, voluminous lashes that enhance your natural beauty.

Achieve the perfect lash look without breaking the bank.

No more struggles with mascara clumps or smudges and time-consuming beauty routines.

Our lash lift kit is the perfect addition to your beauty arsenal, providing a natural and subtle enhancement that complements your unique features. 

Show off your beautiful lashes with confidence and make a statement wherever you go.


Join the growing number of women who have already discovered the transformative power of our products.

Our advanced formula is designed to enhance your natural lashes, giving you a bold and beautiful look that will leave heads turning.

Get ready to unleash your lash potential with our Lash Lift Kit. We’re confident that you’ll be our next satisfied customer.

Don’t take our word for it – see the results for yourself!

A stunning transformation in just 30 mins

1. Choose the Right Liftpad

Start by cleansing your eyes from any makeup, so your lashes are ready for their transformation!
Choose the perfect size lash pad for your natural lashes. Remember, it’s not about the size of your eyes but the length of your lashes! If you have longer natural lashes, then go for a bigger pad size.
Apply glue to the eye pad and let it dry for a minute before applying it to your lid space.


Apply glue to the base of the pad and use a spoolie to stretch your lashes over the pad.


Start combing and isolating lashes from the inner corner of the eye, using the Y-Tool included in the kit.


It’s time to apply the perm solution! Apply it most at the root of your lashes, up to around halfway up. No need to perm the tips of your lashes!


Remove the perm lotion with a clean cotton bud without touching the tips of your lashes. Then, repeat the same process with the fix lotion.

Cover with plastic wrap and let it sit for 10 to 12 minutes. This is the perfect time to relax and unwind.



Gently remove the solution with a damp cotton round, and use a cotton bud with the cleanser solution to clean all the remaining glue from the previous steps. Make sure your lashes are completely detached from the eye pad before removing it.

Finally, apply the nutrition solution for nourished and healthy-looking lashes!


You’re sure to turn heads with your beautiful lashes!

Rember to wash your face with room-temperature water and dab it gently with tissue paper.

Take a picture of your lash lift before and after comparison. Enjoy your long lashes.



How long does the lift take?

The procedure takes less than 30 minutes! Instructions are included so you can easily do your lift at home!

How long do results last?

Your lifted lashes will last up to 2 months!

Will it work with my lashes?

Yes! Lashlift creates beautifully curled lashes, no matter if you have really short or long lashes.

Are lash lifts damaging to eyelashes?

No, lash lifts are not damaging to your eyelashes when done correctly and when the perming solution is left on for only the required amount of time. However, an excessively long perm time can result in damage to your lashes.

Can you still wear mascara with a lash lift?

The short answer is yes! No matter what type of eyelashes you have, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to use mascara to enhance the lift that’s giving your lashes life.

Who should not get a lash lift?

Aestheticians warn that Lash Lift should NOT be performed if a person has a history of eye allergies, eye infections, styes, sensitive eyes, watery eyes, or chronic dry eye.

How many times can you get a lash lift?
You can get lash lifts as often as you would like since there is no maximum number of times the procedure can be done. However, you should wait for the recommended interval of 4 weeks between each lash lift.
How to not ruin a lash lift?
Lash Lift Aftercare Tips: Avoid Moisture. As with most lash treatments, the first 24-48 hours after the procedure is the most crucial. Avoid excessive heat. Stay away from harsh products. Be careful with Make-up. Resist the temptation to rub!
Is lash lift better than lash curler?
The whole point of a lash lift is to remove the need for a eyelash curler and it gives a better curl result. But more importantly, if you do try to use an eyelash curler you run the risk of weakening and damaging your natural lashes.


57 reviews for Lash Lift Kit

  1. Hannah Johnson

    Bye bye fake lashes hello real ones. I’m in love with this product I think I prefer my natural lashes more now than I would with mascara. 10 out of 10 highly recommended

  2. Madison Rodriguez

    I have been using this lash perm kit for about 2 months now and I have found it to be very convenient. Usually, whenever I curl my eyelashes with a regular curler my eyelashes fall within 30 minutes, but by using this lash lift kit I have been able to upkeep curled lashes that last about 4-6 weeks.

  3. Isabella Lewis

    I’ve always struggled with getting my lashes to curl, they always fall immediately no matter what I do with a lash curler so I decided to try this. It worked really well! My lashes are curled up and visible now. It was a bit difficult to get all my lashes to stick to the glue in an organized way, it took a few minutes but I got there. When you put on the perm solution though it can make the lashes unstick! So that was a little bit frustrating. Putting plastic wrap on them to process did help hold them down a little. Even with them unsticking and getting a little unorganized though the results still came out well! After my lashes have cycled and need to be recurled again I think next time I’ll spend more time with the glue and use a little extra.

  4. Sophia Martinez

    I read a bunch of reviews before purchasing this kit.I was skeptical on how doing it on my own, at home will turn out. Especially dealing with chemicals around your eyes! The instructions on the box were simple to follow but I went on YouTube and watched a tutorial just to be safe.The woman explained the steps well and I followed along. She suggested the large pad if you have long lashes (although I could of gone with the M2, bc mylashes are long and straight & wouldn’t mind more of a curl)It’s definitely a matter of trial and error, eventually you get the hang of it!But it was tricky keeping the silicone pads glued on my eyelids, and I trimmed them like the woman had suggested you can do.Idk if it was bc the silicone pad was too curvy, or bc I have Asian eyes and it’s a bit small in lid space?I cleansed the area as instructed.It wasn’t too secure towards the inner part of my eye. That part took the longest, but once I was able to somewhat have it secured. I started the process and once the perm solution was on, it became easy.It’s time consuming but it paid off. I was pleased on how it came out on my first try!The 2nd eye was a fail, bc for some reason I have more lashes on my left eye & some of it didn’t stick on the pad. So I just washed off the work and will plan on doing it the next day.It’s definitely a $$ saver and a trip to the salon!!

  5. Emily Davis

    Love it, love it love it.❤️😉100% recommended.

  6. Abigail Hill

    This was my first time doing any sort of eyelash treatment. I usually only wear mascara..Never tried a curler or extensions or anything so I was excited. I was actually AMAZED at how well it worked! They curled my eyelashes up and made them look much longer. I did have to do them twice to get a good result because I haven’t found a good way to get my lashes to stick to the shaper once I apply the solution. I just ended up holding them against the shaper while they processed which was no big deal. There is definitely enough in the kit to do several applications, though ideally you want to wait several weeks between applications so you don’t damage your eyelashes. Ive already recommended it to several friends!

  7. Lily Hernandez

    Easy to use, and change completely the look of your eyes !Recommended !

  8. Grace Allen

    My lashes have never looked this good before, I absolutely love it. It was so simple to do and so fast! This kit is absolutely worth it

  9. Mia Scott

    It works perfect as described. Easy to do it myself. Keep lash lift long times up. One of best products.GLUE: 9/10LASH PADS: 9/10PERM SOLUTION: 10/10FIXATION SOLUTION: 10/10LASH WANDS: 10/10

  10. Emily White

    i’m too lazy before school to finish all my makeup so i decided to cave and buy this to take some stress off my mornings. i liked the product. it was really easy to use for someone who is using it for the first time. just as a warning the stuff in bottle 1 smells like eggs. i literally just finished my lashes like 20 minutes ago.

  11. Isabella King

    I love this product its very cheap but the results are great! I have used different lash kits different price points and this one works just as good as the expensive ones. I love perming my own lashes

  12. Charlotte Rose

    I love it my eyelashes do not need mascara & when they do boom amazing

  13. Chloe Price

    Amazing kit

  14. Harper Hayes

    A little tricky to use on yourself. I had a hard time getting my lashes to stick to the eyelid cover but I still got it to work. It makes for a nice little lift!

  15. Ava Collins

    The product was worth the price and works great. I have straight lashes and wanted to try to perm them to see if it would work. It Worked! I’m glad I did this and saw amazing results with this product.

  16. Olivia Kim

    It was my first time using a kit like this, I had to start over a couple times but once I got it right the results were great. You can trim the curlingpads to fit your eyelids better. If you have thick, stubborn eyelashes like me then use plenty of glue even though the instructions say you “don’t need too much”. Take your time and go in small sections rather than trying glue all of the lashes at once. Push up from the root of the lashes to the tip to make sure they are glued straight as possible and flat against the curling pads. If they cross a little it’s ok, but avoid a lot of lashes clumping together. Keep in mind however you have them glued will be how they will stay when the process is finished! It’s super easy besides that and I like that you can do both eyes at once.

  17. Amelia Parker

    There’s a learning curve to getting the lift pads to stick to your lids & your lashes to stick to the lift pads. Other than that, its pretty easy to use & great results

  18. Sophia Young

    okay so first of all, my brows aren’t perfect so plz ignore. this is my third time using this on myself. the eye that isn’t as lifted was what my lift looked like after a month and a half (6ish weeks?). the other eye is the most recent lift i did for comparison. lasted pretty well.A couple things & tips:• use 10-12 mins for the perm and another 10-12 mins for the fixation solution (depending on lash thickness) with saran wrap.I did 9 minutes for this round since i already had a bit of a lift leftover from last time.• DO NOT FORGET TO USE SARAN WRAP. made this mistake, no lift w/o it.• if u use trentinoin, retinol or differen gel, be prepared for some irritation around the skin of ur eyes.• when applying the perm & fixation solution, concentrate a thick even layer as close to the base (w/o getting in ur eye). avoid putting the solutions on the end of ur lashes. they’re thinner there & will fry easily.• TAKE UR TIME W STICKING UR LASHES TO THE GLUE. i use a stainless steel lash extension tweezer to do this. takes practice and is tricky but the tighter and more separated each lash is, the more uniform the outcome, especially along the base of ur lashes. i suggest working in small sections for this.• i like to use my finger to gently press on the saran wrap in the inner corner of my eyes for 2 minutes of the time the perm & fixation is on. the warmth of my finger helps the inner corner lift so much more imo.• most importantly, spend the most time on the inner corner of ur lashes. i tilt them almost inward toward my nose to get a round doll eye look.good luck💗 i’ll be buying my next set of this soon!

  19. Scarlett Lee

    Great product, easy step by step directions. Great price. I would highly recommend. I also wanted to add to this review a life hack that changed the way I perm my lashes. The trick is use an eyelash curlier. Skip the lash glue and the headache that comes with trying to pull your lashes up and just place the perm directly on the lash curler. Keep the curler tight to your eyes for 10 then clean off your lashes and the curler and do it again with step 2. Believe me you’ll thank me later.

  20. Camila Bishop

    This lash perm kit is the best one I’ve used so far. I have used several over the past couple of years and this one, by far, is my favourite. The instructions are clear and easy to follow and even has illustrations for each step to show you. It comes with everything you need, including an actual lash lift tool with the pick to help separate the lashes (all of the other kits that I have used don’t come with this tool) and, although it’s plastic, it’s very sturdy and works really well.Like I said, this kit is the best one that I have used and I will definitely be purchasing this one again when I have used this one up.

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